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Morning vs. Afternoon Snorkeling On Oahu


Are you wondering when the best time to snorkel on Oahu & Hawaii is? Some people might tell you that the morning is the best time, while others might say that the afternoon is better. So, what’s the truth? Well, it all depends on what you’re looking for! Keep reading to find out more about morning vs. afternoon snorkeling on Oahu & Hawaii.

Morning Snorkeling Pros & Cons

The Pros Of Morning Snorkeling:

  1. Avoiding Crowds – The early bird gets the worm, and in this case, the best snorkeling spots too. Avoid the crowds by getting an early start to the day and heading out to explore before everyone else wakes up. You’ll have the place to yourself and can truly take in all the beauty that lies beneath the surface.
  2. More Active Marine Life – During a morning snorkel tour a lot more of the fish and marine life are out and about. If you’re looking to take some good pictures and capture the beauty of the coral reefs, morning time is definitely for you!
  3. Calm Water – The water is typically much calmer, making it easier to go further out into the ocean and explore comfortably.
  4. Parking – A good parking spot and easy access are other great reasons to go in the morning. Going in the morning almost guarantees you a good parking spot close to your snorkeling destination.
  5. Comfortable Temperatures – When snorkeling, you want to be comfortable. The water should not be too cold or too hot. In the morning, the temperature is usually just right. The sun is not too high in the sky, so the water is not heated up by the sun’s rays.

The Cons Of Morning Snorkeling:

  1. Low Chance Of Lifeguards On Duty & Safety – Morning snorkeling can be a great time to avoid the crowds and enjoy the peace and quiet of the ocean. However, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved. There are typically no lifeguards on duty early in the morning, so if something goes wrong, there may be no one around to help. Additionally, there are generally fewer people around to call for help in the event of an emergency. For these reasons, it’s always best to go snorkeling with a buddy. That way, you can keep an eye on each other and be there for each other in case of any problems.
  2. Lower Light & Visibility – The early morning light can be a bit dim, making it difficult to see underwater. Visibility is also lower in the morning because the water is usually calmer and the surface isn’t as good to reflect sunlight. 

Afternoon Snorkeling Pros & Cons

The Pros Of Afternoon Snorkeling:

  1. Warm Water Temperatures – If you get cold easily, afternoon snorkeling will be more comfortable as the water will be warmer. The air and water temperatures both affect how comfortably you’ll feel while snorkeling. In general, the air temperature warms up first, followed by the water temperature. 
  2. Safety – There will be more people and lifeguards around, so if something goes wrong, someone will be there to help. Just be sure to stay close to the shore and heed the lifeguards’ warnings.
  3. More Time To Digest Food – Afternoon snorkeling is the best time to eat a filling meal for more energy. You don’t want to snorkel right after eating and on a full stomach. Instead, enjoy a big lunch and then take a dip in the afternoon when your food has had time to digest. This will give you the energy you need to explore the underwater world without feeling weighed down.

The Cons Of Afternoon Snorkeling:

  1. Crowds – Going snorkeling later in the day means there will definitely be more people.
  2. Sunburn – Snorkeling is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, but it can also lead to sunburn. The Hawaiian islands are especially prone to afternoon sunburn, as the sun is very intense. Be sure to apply reef-safe sunscreen generously before snorkeling, and reapply it often.

The Best Time To Snorkel Can Be A Personal Preference

At the end of the day, the “best” time to snorkel will depend on whether you prefer morning or afternoon snorkeling. Take a look at all of the different pros and cons, and decide which experience seems better for you!

Other Factors To Consider When Snorkeling

The best way to find good snorkeling spots is to ask the locals. They usually know the best places to go and can tell you about any hazards or current conditions. Pay attention to the tide charts as well. If you go out at high tide, you may not be able to see much. Low tide is usually better for snorkeling because it reveals more of the reef. Plan your day accordingly and you’ll have a great time snorkeling!

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